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Dr. Yoon Ki Jeong, PhD, L. Ac, is the best Acupuncturist and Wellness practitioner  I have ever been to.

He is an excellent healthcare professional, compassionate healer and most proficient doctor in his field. I have been a patient of his since 2005. He has helped me through some very serious health care crises, including breast cancer, kidney stones and pain alleviation from a life-threatening back injury.

He is a most caring, resourceful and talented doctor in his field. His is a world renowned acupuncturist employing the ancient techniques of Oriental Medicine and innovative methods to get at the source of physical illness, pain and imbalances in the body.

My entire family relies on Dr. Yoon Ki Jeong for cogent medical advice and expert care in the fields of Acupuncture, Herbal and Oriental Medicine. He is a consummate professional, as well as a top-notch humanist with a varied background in education and intellectual pursuits.

We have referred friends, family and colleagues to him without hestitation for their health issues, as we know with the utmost confidence Dr. Yoon Ki Jeong will take excellent and most effective care of them and their needs.

I personally credit him with “saving my life”, as I am in remission for very deadly and most aggressive form of breast cancer. Through chemo-therapy I was helped by him with alleviating the terrible nausea, malaise and physical exhaustion and weakness that accompanies this deadly cocktail of cancer treatment and medication.

I went to see Dr. Yoon Ki Jeong before & after each chemo-therapy regime. My oncologists, surgeons I was referred to and radiologists were astounded that my large breast tumors were shrinking at such amazing rates. Miraculously, without breast surgery or any radiation treatments my tumors “disappeared “!! My Western medicine experts and specialists were confounded by my “cure.”

I know that the difference was that I had my great Dr. Yoon Ki Jeong as my “secret weapon” against this devastatingly dangerous form of breast cancer, triple-negative invasive carcinoma. He is a blessed healer and most generous with his unique gifts.

You may rest assured he will assess your problem quickly, work successfully for a alleviation of your illness or pain issue and guide you to an efficacious and gentle path to better health and key in your body to its natural healing processes and sense of a healthier well-being and lifestyle.

– Gallardo L.(Oxnard, CA) –


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