Different Muscular & Neurologic Conditions

I have had acupuncture many times for different orthopedic, muscular, and neurologic conditions, over the years, and Dr. Jeong’s practice, is one of the best I have been to.

Dr. Jeong is always very clear on what he plans to do, and very careful to inform the patient of particular sensitivities of particular points before he inserts a needle.

He told me, he would never insert a needle into a point that he has not tried and felt, himself.

I am seeing a Physical Therapist and Orthopedic Specialist, and they are all quite happy to work with each other, and all agree on the condition and treatment recommendations.

They all thought I would need 6-8 session with the therapy; they have me pain-free in 4, and have not insisted on more treatments.

As a medical professional myself, I am very impressed with Dr. Jeong, and have and will highly recommend him to anyone.

– Rodney Ayl  



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