Neck Pain

I was in Thousand Oaks on vacation and had really hurt my neck a week prior.

I had gone to 3 chiropractors and 2 massages and none of them were helping with the pain or range of motion of my neck and head. My wife found Dr. Jeong on yelp and I was slightly hesitant because he only had one review.

But his receptionist was very nice over the phone and they were able to accommodate me with a same day appointment.

Just a quick note.. That I am VERY afraid of needles.

Dr. Jeong immediately made me feel very comfortable and even did a full body assessment prior to the acupuncture.

When it finally came down to sticking those needles in me, Dr Jeong gave me the time I needed to get mentally prepared putting my headphones in to help me distract myself.

And it turned out I was worried about nothing. I just felt a little pinch 6 separate times on my hands and feet and 15-20 minutes later, after he then massaged and worked on my neck and back, I was walking out feeling limber and great.

My range of motion drastically increased and the stiffness was mostly gone.

I would strongly recommend Dr Jeong to anyone who is dealing with any stiffness or muscle/joint pain. Unfortunately I don’t live in town, but if I do visit the Thousand Oaks area I’ll definitely come back for a visit!  

– Matt J. (Verolengo, Italy) –





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