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We noticed Dr. Jeong’s office one Sunday afternoon (the office is closed on Sunday’s) while shopping at a nearby store. I made a mental note of the location because I had injured my neck while moving from Irvine to Thousand Oaks.

I have never used acupuncture as a relief of any symptom and thought it might be worth looking into. We got busy during the week following our shopping trip and was not able to get back to visit.

During the week my neck was constantly bothering me and on Friday night the pain was excruciating.

We called and made an appointment Saturday AM to “consult” with Dr. Jeong. When we arrived we were greeted and given the appropriate paperwork to fill out. Then when the paperwork was filled out we met Dr. Jeong.

He asked some questions then after taking a picture of each of my eyes he proceeded to tell me my entire medical history (all I had divulged to him were some basic reasons I was there neck pain and lower back).

He was amazingly accurate in his evaluation. Once the evaluation was complete he proceeded to treat my immediate need regarding my neck.

Within a few minutes my neck was noticeably less painful and my fingers on my left hand witch had been numb (kinda like your leg falling to sleep) started to tingle like your leg after starting to wake up. He checked the range of motion that I had in my neck before he started treatment and once he had started treatment he checked again. To my amazement the range of motion had improved and continued to improve during treatment.

The pain subsided almost completely and I had a lot more range of motion in my neck. I could lift my left arm without experiencing pain too. A vast difference from when I walked into his office.

Once he had treated my neck he treated my lower back (something that has bothered me for many years now). His treatment helped my back too.

Dr. Jeong knows his craft well and does a good job. His treatment has helped to lessen the pain and allow me to do things that I would not have done had I not visited him.

In my opinion the money that was spent here was worth it. Great value for a good price.  

– Rml R. (Irvine, CA) –






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