A Number of Aches & Pains

I first met Dr. Jeong (pronounced Jung) about two years ago while he was at his Port Hueneme office. I must add that I was a bit nervous to try acupuncture, but my husband has used it successfully over the years for a number of aches and pains.

One day I woke up with extreme wrist pain, and my husband suggested I give it a try. I held out and went to a traditional doctor and they x-rayed the wrist and found nothing. I was then sent for an MRI and they found something wrong with a tendon. I was given a brace and sent on my way. The pain did not subside and there was nothing further that they could do other than wait for it to heal. I have two young kids and I type all day as part of my job. Ouch! I decided to give Dr. Jeong a try.

When I arrived (no appointment needed, but it doesn’t hurt to call to confirm that he is onsite and available) I found a kind and compassionate professional. He asked me a series of questions and then began treatment. I was a bit surprised to find that I could hardly feel the needles, and he didn’t use any directly on my wrist.

After treatment he asked me to come back one more time. That night the pain in my wrist was actually a bit worse. My first instinct was to assume that acupuncture wasn’t for me. My husband assured me that the treatment was working and that I should see it through one more visit. I am glad that I did. After my second treatment, the pain subsided completely.

For someone who relies on typing all day, this injury was a big deal, and I’m so glad I gave acupuncture a try. I have since take my daughter in for a soccer injury and my husband goes for his aches and pains. Dr. Jeong also works with herbs that can help a variety of ailments as well. He really seems dedicated to helping the whole patient.

In case you are wondering, the clinic is clean, comfortable and Dr. Jeong has a very impressive resume and track record. Just note that although his accent can be difficult at times to understand, his understanding of English is excellent, and his practice of acupuncture is nothing short of miraculous. Give him a try. You won’t regret it.  

– Lori D. (Ventura, CA) –



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