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Prostatitis is a common infection or an inflammation of the prostate. It can affect men of all ages and doesn’t increase the risk for prostate cancer. Symptoms can include an urge to urinate, pain during urination, chills and fever, and pelvic pain. Treatment may include anti-inflammatory medicines, antibiotics, alpha-blocker drugs, and warm sitz baths.


Most men with prostatitis have chronic prostatitis/pelvic pain syndrome, inflammatory or noninflammatory. The cause of this type of prostatitis is not known. Few men with prostatitis have prostatitis associated with a bacterial infection.


For treating acute prostatitis, medical doctors prescribes antibiotics and it treats 50~60% of the cases. But in the state of chronic prostatitis, there are not many choices because inside of prostate cannot be supplied with plenty of blood which is carrying antibiotics to target area.


Reports saying that patients with prostatitis having high chance of mental and physical fatigue and depression due to continuing unsuccessful treatment.


Treatment for prostatitis

I rather take several therapy during session for curing prostatitis by patient’s body constitutions. By treating several therapy increase chance of treatment success rate.


Followings are theraphies that I used to treat for the prostatitis patients.

① In Asian medicine prostatitis caused by malfunction of kindneys due to certain way of diet, excessive sexual activities and aging. To treat the patient therapies to enhanse kidney functions and immune system will be used.

② Antibiotics and antiviral herb remedy could be used to soothe inflammation of prostate.

③ Stimulating prostate by using long acupuncture needle could expect benefit of increasing number of white blood cells

④ Grand moxa therapy can immediately restore patient’s energy level in order to increase immunoreactivity

⑤ Herbs such as little epilobium, saw palmetto, pygeum, stinging nettle can be mixed and boiled as teas for soothe prostate troubles.


General Treatment Plan

In the beginning of treatment herb remedy will be prescribed to increase energy level and immunoreactivity. If the patient reaches certain energy level, acupuncture treatment will be followed to increase blood and qui circulation.

Good circulation of blood and qui will definitely help reducing inflammation of prostate. If needed warmed jade for the perineal region can be added for helping blood and qui circulation of prostate.




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