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Toxin in the body causes every illness.

Eliminating toxin in the body could help maintaining healthy life and losing weight.


What is detox?

Toxin could be everywhere in the water, food, and air originated from heavy metal, pesticide, herbicide, radiation, artificial flavor enhancer, germs, bacteria, etc.

Among the toxin, some water soluable toxin can be excreted by body metabolism. But fat-soluable toxin binds with fat cells in the body to create more fat cells and fat deposit.

Detox diet is the safest way to excrete all forms of toxin. Old cells, cells with malfunction, inflammation, fat in blood could be decomposed and excreted. In the result of getting rid of those toxins, losing weight can be expected.


When you need detox treatment?

1. Feeling fatigue due to sudden weight gaining.

2. Easily swollen. Also gain weights after experiencing swollen.

3. Frequent skin trouble takes places.

4. Unable to control amount food consumption

5. High blood cholesterol, High blood pressure, diabetes with obesity

6. Chronic digestive problems


How I treat detox?

1. Cleaning Blood: Cleaning blood as well as excreting toxins by cupping and specially prescribed herb remedies.

2. Faster metabolism: Enhancing metabolism to eliminate toxins by acupuncture like using 4 body constitution, Hongchim theories and specially prescribed herb remedies.

3. Increasing body temperature: Increasing body temperature to restore immune system and prevent fat deposit by specially designed exercise, specially prescribed herb remedies, a sitz bath.

 4. Strengthening Liver Qui: Restoring liver functions such as eliminating toxins and fat by herb remedy prescribed with European and South American herbs.




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