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Therapies and Managing Programs for children in feeble health

Short and weak children comparing to their age group could have emotional trauma. It also affects children’s psychological development.

If your children are shorter or weaker comparing to their age group, please consult with me. I have solutions let your children grow taller and stronger.


-There is specialized program that your children grow taller and stronger by treating Asian medicine.


Therapies for student in highly stressful situation

Student in 11th grade are facing great amount of stress from acceptance by colleges. Those suffer from stress for long time; symptoms like fatigue, busy brain, loss of memory could appear. And 11th graders could not have time for enough physical activity so that their immune system is in vulnerable situation against pathogens. Also it is common among 11 graders suffering from muscular skeletal problems and digestive problems.


Asian medicine surely helps common symptoms of 11th graders. It is diagnosed that most qui concentrated only upper body without circulation from top to bottom and vice versa and condition easily causes abnormality of internal organs.

Also someone who is preparing exams for career and diploma, suffering from vocational stress and emotionally unstable could be helped by Asian Medicine.


Treatment Program

1. ADHD could be improved by Asian Medicine.

2. Nutritional supply from Herbs could help maintaining proper energy level and concentration on project.

3. Chronic rhinitis or allergic rhinitis could be helped.

4. Muscular problems from bad posture and lack of exercise could be fixed.


Therapies for students consist of herb remedy for concentrating on subjects without anxiety and strengthen physical condition. It also treats muscular skeletal problems and various allergic symptoms.





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